The Alcohol & Other Drug Education Program is a multidimensional resource for students who have questions about reducing negative consequences associated with heavy, episodic drinking and other substance abuse. The program offers support, education, and services for students at UR. In addition, the program plans, implements and evaluates prevention programming on campus which aim to decrease the negative impact that alcohol/other drug use can have on our community.

All incoming first year and transfer students will have access to AlcoholEdu as part of the comprehensive education model used to inform students about policies and risk reduction strategies related to alcohol and other drug use and sexual misconduct. AlcoholEdu is an interactive online program designed to reduce the negative consequences of alcohol in college students. It is beneficial for all students who will be making decisions around alcohol use at college. Students who choose to abstain from use will benefit from the program by learning effective intervention strategies and signs of abuse among friends and classmates.

To learn more about The Alcohol and Other Drug Education Program, please contact Amber Ingalls, Assistant Director for Alcohol and Other Drug Education, at [email protected] or visit our website: