Five Simple Steps to Live Well

A girl reflecting sitting on a chair

With the academic year coming to an end the demands of a busy schedule will most likely be on hold for a few months. Take advantage of this time to shift the focus to YOU now. This summer, try these five simple steps to live well, so you can come back stronger than ever in the fall.

Catch Some Zzzzzzzs

The average college student needs between 8 and 10 hours of sleep per night to function well. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day and make sure your sleep environment is dark and kept at a comfortable temperature. Turning off your devices about an hour before bed will also help your slumber come easier.

Get Moving

Getting 30 minutes of vigorous cardiovascular activity a day, three times a week, improves mental acuity, sharpens memory, and decreases stress. Research shows that people are more successful at implementing (and sticking to) a fitness routine when they work out with a friend. So find a fitness buddy and get moving!

Take a Brain Break

On average, the brain needs a 15 minute break for every 45 minutes of sustained focus. The key is to switch the type of tasks and give your brain a brief rest. You may not be hitting the books this summer, but it’s still important to take a brain break throughout your work day, especially if you have a demanding internship or research position. Try to vary your work activities throughout the day, rather than staying focused on one task for hours at a time.

Find Balance

Find balance in your life this summer. Every day, incorporate a variety of activities throughout your day to help you thrive. Dr. Dan Siegel’s Healthy Mind Platter includes a daily prescription of sleep time, physical time, focus time, time in, down time, play time, and connecting time for optimal life balance.

Reevaluate Your Goals

Before the fall semester begins, take some time to reevaluate your goals. Make a list of three to five short term and long term goals that you have for yourself as a student. Then look at the student activities, classes, and internship opportunities you have lined up for the next academic year. Do these things align with your goals? If not, consider making some changes to help you reach success.