What is right with you is more powerful than anything wrong with you.

Resiliency is our ability to overcome hardship, trauma, crisis- whatever life inevitably throws at us. Everyone faces challenges, but our resilience is how readily we can bounce back from these hardships even stronger. Resiliency is not something we are born with, but rather something based on our environment. It is something we grow and maintain. Sometimes, we need to put a lot of work into building our resiliency.

So how can we build our resiliency? How can we help our loved ones so that they can bounce back from hardship, too? There are several components to resiliency and there are small habits you can adapt to build your own a little more each day.

Employ positive self-talk

Remind yourself of your incredible qualities every morning. You have a lot to be proud of. Congratulate yourself on a job well done every night. You accomplish so much in just one day. Reaffirming your ability to succeed is key to building resiliency. These strengths will be what helps you through these hardships. What is right with you is more powerful than anything wrong with you.

Strengthen your social bonds

Your friends are your number one resource in times of crisis. Don’t think you are burdening anyone by sharing your strife, that’s what friends are for! Anytime you are having negative thoughts replay in your head, speak them aloud to a supportive friend. They will be able to dismiss any doubts you have about yourself. Reach out to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. It’ll make their day and remind you of the broader support system around you. There are lots of people who care about you.

Start a new hobby

Try involving yourself in something new- or in one of your long-lost hobbies. Starting up a new activity can remind you of one of your talents and introduce you to a new group of people. It can act as a stress-reliever in challenging times, too.

Use humor

Pull up your favorite movie clips, cartoons, or memes to boost your mood in times of trouble. Having a quick fix when you’re feeling doubtful of yourself can re-adjust your attitude and start your day anew.

Work on your flexibility

When we are more adaptive, we can handle the challenges that life throws at us. Remember to keep things in perspective and in a positive light. Again, there are lots of supports around you to help you through. Remember that bouncing back from crisis takes time. Be flexible in your expectations for yourself, you’re doing amazing work already.

This month, there are tons of opportunities to boost your resiliency during Feel Fabulous in February, sponsored by the UHS Health Promotion Office. Try them out, hear from others how they build resiliency, and learn what strategies work best for you!

By Charlotte Pillow
Peer Health Advocate
Class of 2019