When it comes to getting in the zone to study, different things work for different people. Here are 4 suggestions that might help you get started:

  1. Turn off your phone. Weather we’d like to admit it or not, phones are very distracting when it comes to studying. We like to answer texts, scroll through Facebook after we have closed the browser on our laptop, go through random snapchat stories, open old social media apps we don’t maintain…and the list goes on. Just turn off your phone for the few hours you’re studying. It might actually be a few hours since you won’t be distracted!
  2. Find a good study spot. Pick a location where you won’t run into many people you know especially if you’re someone who gets easily distracted. This is not the time to start small talk with everyone you might have ever crossed while on campus.
  3. Facebook. We all knew this point was coming. Logout and try to make it a point to not open it. This goes for any app that is distracting to you.
  4. Focus for small increments of time. This might be helpful if you’re studying with a group of friends and you find yourself talking the whole time. Suggest to work in silence for an hour then take a fifteen minute break. You might find yourself studying beyond that hour!

Remember, it’s just tough to start studying but once you get going you are set. Some or none of these tips may work for you. But take some time to identify what your time wasters are. Don’t forget to also take into account the time of day and your energy level. Avoiding time wasters during your prime study time when you are well rested will result in the best results. Happy studying!

By Sadya Ouedraogo
Peer Health Advocate
Class of 2019