Did someone say “dogs”?! Join the UHS Health Promotion Office for one of our most popular programs – “Paws for Stress Relief.” Come spend time with the dogs and be sure to pick up a pouch of lavender for its aromatherapeutic benefits.

Visit the therapy dogs from 6:00 and 7:30 p.m. in the lobby of the Goergen Athletic Center on Monday, September 17th.

What is Animal Therapy?

Animal therapy is a type of therapy that involves animals as a way to help reduce stress and improve a person’s functioning. The goal of animal therapy is to improve a person’s social, emotional, or cognitive functioning. Research suggests that if we see animals in a state of rest or  peace, that may signal to us that we are safe and secure, triggering a greater state of healing and comfort.

The dogs are sure to help you relax and reduce your stress during this busy time of the semester and they love having their bellies rubbed!